Joint Declaration

Joint Norwegian-German Declaration

for a long-term collaboration to promote renewables and climate protection

We see a great opportunity in strengthened collaboration between Norway and Germany in the area of renewable electricity as a concrete means to facilitate climate protection.

We are a broad coalition of NGOs, business associations, trade unions, development organisations and other civil society actors from Norway and Germany.

In advance of the 2013 national elections in both countries, we call upon politicians to:

  • Confirm the existing commitments and strengthen our countries’ engagement for climate protection, energy efficiency, and renewable energy deployment; (1)
  • Continue their good collaboration, and establish a common, ambitious, long-term perspective in the area of renewable electricity, making good use of the synergies in the mutual interest of both countries, and in a spirit of good collaboration with neighbours and European partners;
  • Maintain a balanced view on the trade-offs between local nature conservation, biodiversity, and climate protection, including attention to the local impacts of proposed projects (e.g. onshore or offshore wind farms, biomass, small-hydro, inland or cross-border cables, the increased oscillation of water levels in existing reservoirs) but also the local and global risks and impacts of non-action andof equivalent alternative measures elsewhere, in the same country or in other countries;
  • Pursue solutions that fulfil these aims at a minimum long-term cost for society and nature, maintaining high levels of power system stability and increasing the long- term security of supply; establish effective means to fairly distribute among citizens the economic benefits of increased electricity trade between Scandinavia with high hydro-power production and storage capacities, and Germany and other countries with growing shares of wind and solar electricity production.


  • We call upon German politicians to continue their efforts to implement the Energiewende, and give high priority to rapidly increasing the shares of renewables and reducing coal consumption in order to cut greenhouse gas emissions in line with Germany’s ambitious climate targets;
  • We call upon Norwegian politicians to make use of the historic opportunity Norway has to become a pillar of the European renewable electricity supply by increasing its energy efficiency, its renewable energy production, and by making its existing hydro-power reservoirs available to balance growing amounts of wind and solar in other countries;
  • We call upon both countries’ politicians to demonstrate their leadership and show in practice they will take responsibility for climate justice and future generations together with many citizens and stakeholders willing to support them on this.

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(1) Germany’s official 2050 goal is to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 80 to 95%, compared to 1990, and to increase the renewables share of its electricity consumption to 80% by 2050 at the latest. Norway has committed to increase its renewable share of the overall energy consumption (excluding energy use in the oil and gas sector) to 67.5% by 2020 and has pledged to become a carbon neutral society between 2030 and 2050, depending on the outcomes of the international climate negotiations.